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Train in concentration

English Meditation Workshop with Sandra Lacueva

Sunday, 6 Dec, 11am – 2 pm

In a world where distractions are at our fingertips and everywhere else for that matter, does it make you feel like you’re scattered and not going anywhere as a result? Maybe you also have some insight that being able to concentrate better would be an amazing step forward? What about if you knew that becoming the person you want to be, by bringing your good qualities to their full potential and gaining the ability to really help others, depended on your ability to concentrate? Would you be interested in learning concentration?

Buddha gave complete instructions on how to use our minds in ways that enable us to transcend ordinary problems and make quick spiritual progress. In this workshop you will be guided and encouraged on how to train in concentration in our modern world and begin to feel the benefits.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with more experience of meditation & mindfulness training. The workshop includes a talk, two guided meditations and time for Q&A. No need to bring anything, except a notebook and pen if you wish to take some notes. Dress code is whatever you’re comfortable in.

Kadampa Meditationszentrum Frankfurt
Adolf-Leweke-Str. 19
60435 Frankfurt
Telefon 069-9540 8888

directions here

Fee: 30€

(free of costs for holder of meditation card and for students of the foundation programm)

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