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Gepostet in English Meditation Class

Meditation to cope with the Information Age

with Sandra Lacueva, an experienced meditation teacher

Fridays, 6 – 7.30 pm

With so much information coming at us at such a rapid pace, we can easily feel overwhelmed. To keep up and not feel drained, we need some control over our attention. In this four-week workshop, you can learn from Buddhist wisdom to strengthen your concentration and integrate information that is important to you into your daily life. Become the guide of your experiences and the creator of a tangibly meaningful life.

Sandra Lacueva explains meditations from How to Understand Mind by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche – scientific methods for coping in the information age.

05.03 Wk. 1 – What exactly is making us tired, overwhelmed and stressed?

12.03 Wk. 2 – Taking back control – understanding our mind

19.03 Wk. 3 – Transforming our world – wisdom based attention management

26.03 Wk. 4 – Practical daily techniques to cope in the Information Age

You can expect 15 minutes of preparatory meditation to become inwardly calm, peaceful and undistracted, explanations of the evening’s theme and 15 minutes of meditation to internalise your insights.

Everyone is welcome

Information: or Tel. 069 – 9540 8888

Fee: 8€ per class or 4 classes within 3 months for 28€

Because of the present Covid-19 situation, it is necessary that you book for every class you would like to attend. You can attend the class only online as live stream. We will send you the link for the classes after you have paid for it.


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