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The courage to love

English Meditation Workshop with Sandra Lacueva

Saturday, 5 September, 3 – 6 pm

Love is a great healer, a harmonizer that can bring genuine joy to our relationships and great peace, meaning and happiness to our lives. However, is it possible to remain open-hearted and loving in the face of difficult people, betrayal and hurt? Thankfully the answer is, Yes!

In this workshop, we will explore the innate potential for deep and authentic love, inner peace and happiness that exists within each and every one of us. We will discover how meditation can enable us to develop confidence in, and fully actualise this potential for love. We will explore how learning to maintain genuine love in our heart at all times, in all situations, will encourage us to overcome any tendencies we may have for living defensively, and learn how to let go of unhelpful feelings of hurt, anger or resentment. Indeed, as we will see, our wounds and past difficulties in relationships, can serve as the springboard for our own personal growth and development.

In this way, we will learn how to transform and heal, all our relationships (in time), including the one we have with ourself! and discover how this brings us true peace of mind, genuine happiness and inner strength.
This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with more experience of meditation & mindfulness training. The workshop includes a talk, two guided meditations and time for Q&A. No need to bring anything, except a notebook and pen if you wish to take some notes. Dress code is whatever you’re comfortable in.

Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of belief or previous experience.

Kadampa Meditationszentrum Frankfurt
Adolf-Leweke-Str. 19
60435 Frankfurt
phone: 069 – 9540 8888


directions here

fee: 30,- € (free of charge with meditation card and for students of the Grundlagenprogramms)

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