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Being calm, cool & collected

English Meditation Workshop with Sandra Lacueva

Saturday, 19 October, 3 – 6 pm

Anger is one of the most common experiences we have almost every day. From small irritations to outrage, all types of anger disturb our mind and prevent us from acting with control and responding constructively to difficult situations. Anyone who wishes to heal from anger, or just reduce daily experiences of annoyance, frustration, and irritation will enjoy this workshop. We will learn meditation practices to stabilize our peace of mind so that we are no longer a victim of our circumstances. We will identify and overcome the most damaging negative mind — anger. This workshop will include guided meditations, a talk, and an opportunity for questions and answers. 

Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of belief or previous experience.

Kadampa Meditationszentrum Frankfurt
Adolf-Leweke-Str. 19
60435 Frankfurt
phone: 069 – 9540 8888


directions here

fee: 30,- € (free of charge with meditation card and for students of the Grundlagenprogramms)

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