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Let go, find peace

English Meditation Workshop with Sandra Lacueva

So much of our mental and physical energy is consumed by holding on to negative thoughts and painful memories. By learning to let go, we can experience the freedom and joy of a peaceful mind. By learning to meditate we cultivate the inner causes of happiness—such as peace, balance, and beneficial intentions—that allow us to enjoy any situation we find ourselves in. We are also able to have a more positive approach to difficulties, leading to better relationships at home and work.

Take a moment, to let go of the inner causes of unhappiness, and cultivate inner peace through simple and effective breathing meditations.

Suitable and comfortable for everyone, receive helpful advice that is easy to understand and practice in daily life.

Everyone is welcome!

Kadampa Meditationszentrum Frankfurt,
Adolf-Leweke-Str. 19,
60435 Frankfurt
phone: 069-9540 8888

directions here

fee: 30,- € (free of charge with meditation card and for students of the Grundlagenprogramms)